On the occasion of the 2020 Romanian Forum on Forests, Wood Industry and Bioeconomy, Daniel Paul Dima, CEO of Porini Log Oy pinpointed, among other issues, the threat that Romania faces in terms of being “forced” on the “green road of poverty”.

By this, he meant that EU economically developed countries, where biodiversity suffers, might try to preserve their economic hegemony within the coming Green Deal, asking less economically developed countries, but with a thriving biodiversity, to put environmental goals ahead of socio- economic ones.

Out of the 7 million ha of Romanian forest land, 41% are currently under Natura 2000 program. And 40% of the Brown bear population in Europe is in Romania, according to WWF estimate.

At the same time, the country has a strong wood processing industry, and a rural population that requires up to 18 million m3 of firewood annually.

The need to balance the socio-economic needs with the biodiversity richness is higher than ever, but unfortunately, not on the agenda of the legislators.

There is a huge potential for a sustainable circular bioeconomy, one that could benefit both the locals and other EU citizens.

Read more about these and one “missing link” that could have a positive impact on enhancing bioeconomy in Romania!

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